Apex's Fully Machined Sear was first introduced on December 23rd in 2009 – what we now celebrate as “Sear Day.” Designed by Apex’s founder, CEO and resident genius of design, Randy Lee, the Fully Machined Sear (the one with 1 Dot) reduces trigger pull weight, shortens over-travel and improves reset…like no other M&P sear can.

That’s why it is and has been the gold standard for M&P sears.

Of course, with new products coming out from Smith & Wesson, Apex needed to expand its selection of sears to meet customer demand. People wanted to Apex their M&P 45 and Shield pistols, and who were we to deny them a better trigger, right?

What followed was the 2 Dot Sear. Originally referred to as the M&P 45 Fully Machined Sear, the 2 Dot Sear worked in both the M&P 45 and the later released M&P Shield pistols.

If the Fully Machined Sear is the gold standard of M&P sears, then the 3 Dot Forward Set Sear is the crown jewel of Apex sears. Only available in the complete Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kits, it stands alone among all aftermarket trigger upgrades in its ability to deliver a 1911 style trigger performance in a polymer striker fired pistol. It’s a performance upgrade so good that it’s patented.

So what happens when you buy a used M&P that claims to have been Apex’d? Well, first thing to do is check to see it has the correct sear installed. Then confirm that it’s installed correctly and all the other corresponding Apex parts are present and properly installed.

Here is your quick reference guide of which Apex Fully Machined Sear fits in what model pistol from Smith & Wesson.

1 Dot Sear (Part #100-074)
The 1 Dot Sear fits M&P pistols chambered in 9mm and .40S&W. It is included in our Competition Action Enhancement Kit (#100-072) and our Duty/Carry Kit (#100-073).

2 Dot Sear (Part #100-063)
The 2 Dot Sear fits M&P pistols chambered in .45ACP, all current versions of the M&P Shield (9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP), and the new M&P M2.0 (all calibers).

3 Dot Sear (not sold separately)
The 3 Dot Sear, aka Forward Set Sear, is designed specifically for use in Apex’s patented Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kits for the M&P pistols (9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP). It does NOT work by itself in the pistol or in either the Shield or M2.0 models.