Below are step-by-step instructions for installing the Apex Action Enhancement Kit in Glock pistols. If after reading these instructions you still have questions, please contact Apex Customer Service at (623) 322-0200.


Always wear safety glasses when working on firearms. We recommend this product be installed by a competent gunsmith. Modification of your firearm may nullify the warranty of the firearm manufacturer.

Recommended Tools

apex102115Installation Procedure

  • Remove the magazine and lock the slide back to the rear and ensure the firearm is not loaded
  • Release the slide and pull trigger, then move the slide to the rear about 1/8 inch and hold while pulling down the slide lock lever and push the slide forward to remove it from the frame

Safety Plunger

  • Using a 3/32” pin punch, push the spacer sleeve on the firing pin towards the muzzle
  • While the spacer sleeve is pushed in, remove the slide cover plate by pushing it out of its slot in the slide

WARNING: The extractor depressor plunger is under compression. While removing the slide cover plate, keep your thumb over the firing pin assembly and extractor depressor plunger to prevent them from ejecting.

  • Remove the firing pin assembly
  • Remove the extractor depressor plunger assembly, including the extractor depressor plunger, plunger spring, and spring loaded bearing
  • Depress the firing pin safety, and remove the extractor from the right side of the slide
  • Remove the firing pin safety assembly, which includes the safety and spring
  • Set the factory firing pin safety aside, but retain the spring
  • Reassemble in reverse order, utilizing the factory firing pin safety spring along with the Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger

Trigger & Connector

  • Using a 3/32” punch, remove the locking block pin, trigger pin, and trigger housing pin by pushing the pins out from left to right
  • Remove the slide lock lever
  • Remove both the locking block and trigger with trigger housing
  • Rotate the trigger bar out of the trigger housing and lift it upward
  • Disconnect the trigger spring from the trigger bar and set the factory trigger aside
  • Using a 3/32” punch, press the factory connector out of the trigger housing from left to right
  • Press the new Apex Performance Connector into the trigger housing from right to left
  • Reconnect the trigger spring to the new Apex Action Enhancement Trigger with Gen 3 Trigger Bar
  • Lower the trigger into the trigger housing, and rotate it back into position
  • Reassemble the frame by placing the trigger and trigger housing into its proper position
  • Install the locking block, and locking block pin
  • Place the trigger pin into the frame about half way so you can capture the slide lock lever with it later
  • Install the slide lock lever, and fully seat the trigger pin
  • Install the trigger housing pin
  • Make sure all three pins are centered in the frame
  • Once all pieces are in place, install the slide on the frame and perform a function check and ensure the trigger safety is functioning properly