It seems obvious, but judging by the number of customer service calls we've received it's clear that not everyone knows where to lube their Glock. And, in particular, that point where the trigger bar meets the connector.

Failing to lubricate the intersection between these two components on your Glock can result in a huge increase in trigger pull weight. When we say huge, we mean it.

In a controlled test that we conducted, we saw the pull weight go from 4.75 lbs to 8.5 lbs in just a couple hundred rounds after the lubrication was removed. Then drop back down to 4.75 lbs when just a small dollop of gun oil was applied.

There can't be a clearer example of the importance of proper lubrication than this. But, just in case it's not totally clear what to do, in the below video Apex's Scott Folk shows you exactly where to lubricate your Glock so you don't double the trigger pull weight.