The Arizona Nunchuck Co., a super secretive division within Apex Tactical Specialties that literally nobody knew existed, is pleased to announce their new nunchucks.

Nunchucks are an essential tool for any ninja – would-be or otherwise. The Arizona Nunchuck Co. 9” Nunchuck Set is designed and manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona, which is widely recognized across the globe as your guarantee of unsurpassed awesomeness.

Machined by CNC ninjas trained in the ancient art of, well, machining, each set is precisely, you know, machined from aluminum and then anodized before being fully assembled and lovingly packaged in a secure locking sleeve made from real plastic. No sir, none of that fake stuff for us.

If you ever dreamed of being a Ninja – and honestly, who hasn't – now's the time. The Arizona Nunchuck Co. invites you to join our clan...and buy a set of the most Kick-ass Nunchucks you ever saw.

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