1. What We Carry: M&P Shield #2

    What We Carry: M&P Shield #2
    "I Love You You Love Me Is This Too Much Purple On An E-D-C" The answer is, no. But, opinions may vary. Regardless, this is the second of at least six Shield pistols we’ll be looking at in this series. You can check out the first M&P Shield we covered here. There’s a reason the Shield is such a wildly...
  2. What We Carry: Glock 43

    What We Carry: Glock 43
    The Glock 43, like most Glocks, has been a hugely popular pistol ever since it was officially introduced in April of 2015 during the NRA Show in Nashville, Tenn. The slim, single stack 9mm subcompact was designed specifically for the concealed carry market, which remains the core of the overall firearms market to this day. And judging by the attention...

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