1. Apex's New XDs Mod.2 Trigger Now Available For Pre-Order

    Apex's New XDs Mod.2 Trigger Now Available For Pre-Order
    Apex Tactical Specialties announces that its new Action Enhancement Trigger for the 9mm XDs Mod.2, from Springfield Armory, is now available for pre-order at ApexTactical.com. MSRP starts at just $79.95 and customer pre-orders will ship Tuesday, July 20.
  2. What We Carry: Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS

    What We Carry: Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS
    We all know the story. We’ve all seen the video. Late this past December the issue of carrying a firearm in church came front and center in our national discourse as Jack Wilson, a 71-year-old former reserve deputy sheriff, shot and killed a gunman during services at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement in Texas. The entire...
  3. What We Carry: M&P Shield #3

    What We Carry: M&P Shield #3
    Did we tell you about carrying the M&P Shield? Oh, we did? Well, here we go again. It is hard to overstate the popularity of the M&P Shield, from Smith & Wesson, as an everyday carry gun. Since we make a trigger – actually, THE trigger – for the Shield, there is nothing shocking about the fact that it would...
  4. What We Carry: Glock 19

    What We Carry: Glock 19
    When you compare the overall size of the M&P M2.0 Compact, or the FN 509 Midsize, it is invariably in relation to one gun: the Glock 19. Glock, being a privately owned company, does not release data on its sales, so we don’t quite know how many Glock 19 pistols exist in the world. One number we've heard placed it...
  5. What We Carry: M&P Shield #2

    What We Carry: M&P Shield #2
    "I Love You You Love Me Is This Too Much Purple On An E-D-C" The answer is, no. But, opinions may vary. Regardless, this is the second of at least six Shield pistols we’ll be looking at in this series. You can check out the first M&P Shield we covered here. There’s a reason the Shield is such a wildly...
  6. What We Carry: SD9VE

    What We Carry: SD9VE
    This one is going to ruffle a few feathers, especially among those peacocking on Instagram and YouTube as "an expert." That's because the SDVE from Smith & Wesson is not, in their minds, a top choice for an everyday carry. Just ask them. And, as self-proclaimed internet experts, they will be sure to tell you why it’s a horrible choice...
  7. What We Carry: FN 509 Midsize

    What We Carry: FN 509 Midsize
    The FN 509 family of pistols has quickly become a favorite of ours. We had been working on a trigger upgrade for the FNS and FNS Compact, the predecessors to the 509, when FN America reached out to us to design an aftermarket upgrade for their yet to be announced FN 509. That process took quite a while but we...
  8. What We Carry: M&P Shield

    What We Carry: M&P Shield
    The most obvious everyday carry for people here at Apex is – undoubtedly – the M&P Shield. It is by far the most popular carry option here at Apex with a number of people counting on an Apex'd version of the Shield for their personal protection. The slim, staggered single-stack Shield was introduced by Smith & Wesson back in 2012...
  9. What We Carry: J-Frame Revolver

    What We Carry: J-Frame Revolver
    In the world of concealed carry firearms the subcompact semi-auto is all the rage, especially as companies increase capacity while sticking to a small overall profile. However, it’s more than likely that the J-Frame revolver from Smith & Wesson is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to the top carry gun. We do not know the exact sales...
  10. What We Carry: M2.0 Compact

    What We Carry: M2.0 Compact
    When it comes to ‘What We Carry’ you knew it wouldn’t take long for us to get to the M&P M2.0 and specifically the 4.00” Compact 9mm model. And that shouldn’t be a surprise considering nobody knows as much about the M&P’s fire control system as we do. Smith & Wesson expanded their M2.0 lineup with the Compact model in...

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