Apex Tactical Specialties

Aftermarket Triggers for Improved Performance

  1. Apex Competition Striker Spring Installation

    Randy Lee demonstrates how to install the Apex Competition Striker Spring for the M&P.
  2. Talon Tactical - Custom Kydex and More

    Talon Tactical Holsters, T-shirts and Rear Sight tools...Good stuff.....
  3. Sub 3lb Drop In Kits for the S&W M&P

    Apex Tactical's Latest addition to the After Market for the S&W M&P Line of pistols. The new Comp-AEK boasts a Sub 3lb trigger pull with parts that drop in and require no hand fitting.
  4. Win an M&P and the Apex DCAEK

    Apex Tactical Specialties is proud to announce our sponsorship of the North East Shooters Forum. They're giving away a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 to forum members and Apex is providing a DCAEK as part of the prize package. The North East Shooters forum had 12,000 members and sees over 250,000 unique visits each month.  They're a great resource for...
  5. Apex Tactical has hit Dillon Precision

    We're proud to announce that Apex Tactical Specialties is now available in the Dillon Blue Press catalog.  The new catalog arrived today and found them on the bottom of page 57. They're carrying our M&P Products and Firing Pins for the S&W revolvers.  They will have our Competition Spring kits for the M&P as soon as they're available also.
  6. Failure Resistant Extractor Installation

    Randy Lee steps in front of the camera again to make an installation video for the Apex M&P Failure Resistant Extractor. FRE Installation
  7. Super Speed Ejection at the 2010 IRC

    Randy Lee's High Speed ejection.
  8. IRC - Pre Game Day 1 - by Scott

    Scott's random rant about preparations for the IRC.
  9. Check these puppies out - New Mooner/Demooner

    We had a few shooters from South Dakota come in today after shooting their ICORE Classifiers to check out Apex and see what this place is all about.  Being the social butterflies we are, they stuck around for a bit and Tom Kilhoffer dropped in with some of his Moonclips.  One of the guys pulls out a really sweet tool...
  10. IRC in just a couple of days....Here goes nothin'

    Team Apex Prepares for the International Revolver Championship match. Scott talks about their equipment and the IRC prize table.

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