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  1. What A Difference A Reset Makes!

    A quick mention of my experience with the Apex RAM in my M&P 9L
  2. New M&P Products From Apex Tactical

    Exciting things are happening here at Apex. Randy had an epiphiny the other day and came up with a way to drastically improve the felt reset of the M&P pistol. We're calling this part the Reset Assist Mechanism or R.A.M. for short. We're not going to get into how it works just yet, but the handmade prototype is in one...

    We had a customer bring in his 627 the other day saying that he has a bit of a problem... That was a bit of an understatement. The cylinder was jammed shut due to a round being wedged across the barrel cylinder gap. After a couple hours of drilling and pounding on it, we finally got the cylinder open. We...
  4. Sig Sauer Internal Lubrication

    General Info When I assemble a Sig, I install what I call "the 3 primaries", first. They are as follows: Decocking Assembly Hammer Rebound Assembly Magazine Release The first 2 are mandatory to install first, they can be installed later, but with a fair amount of difficulty for people like me with large hands. The Magazine Release can be installed...
  5. Lubrication of Sig Sauer pistol rails

    This article is about what I personally recommend for lubricating Sig Sauer pistols. I have different methods for lubricating other guns, but this article is focused on the Sig Sauer pistols. My philosophy If metal rubs metal; you need grease between the parts. We lubricate guns simply to allow the parts that rub on one another to move smoothly. Modern...
  6. Apex's Comp-AEK makes an appearance in The Shooting Wire

    Jim Shepherd writes about Apex's Competition Action Enhancement Kit.
  7. ICORE to USPSA.....LOOK OUT!!!

    The IRC is is complete, now what?  Train for next year?  Sure, why not?  However, I'm not one to train for an entire year for just one match. I started my pistol shooting career Steel Challenge and IDPA when I was living in OR, but really liked USPSA Production when I started shooting it at the COSSA Shooting Range out...
  8. Apex Competition Striker Spring Installation

    Randy Lee demonstrates how to install the Apex Competition Striker Spring for the M&P.
  9. Talon Tactical - Custom Kydex and More

    Talon Tactical Holsters, T-shirts and Rear Sight tools...Good stuff.....
  10. Sub 3lb Drop In Kits for the S&W M&P

    Apex Tactical's Latest addition to the After Market for the S&W M&P Line of pistols. The new Comp-AEK boasts a Sub 3lb trigger pull with parts that drop in and require no hand fitting.

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