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  1. Apex Tactical Announces Shooting Team Expansion and IRC Sponsorship

    LOS OSOS, Calif. – Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. announced that Austin Hayes has joined the Apex shooting team. Hayes, a local junior shooter from Morro Bay, accepted his invitation to join the team and will compete in ICORE, USPSA and SCSA. “We’re excited Austin is joining Team Apex,” said teammate Scott Folk. “We’ve been shooting with Austin for a couple...
  2. Apex Forward Set Sear & Trigger Release Info

    Today is May 15, to M&P owners it's a big day. We're preparing for the pre-release sale of the Apex Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit for the S&W M&P at 9AM(PST) tomorrow morning. Here's the scoop: - The parts are in route to the Anodizing shop now, once they arrive here we'll be assembling them and shipping them out...
  3. Apex Armorer Block - First Appearance

    This weekend at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, we're showing off the new Apex M&P Armorer Block. Randy was drilling out the hole in the block of Nylon he's been using for a bench block when the idea hit me to make custom Armorer Blocks specific to the M&P. With the use of a friend's Optical Comparator and some...
  4. New J-Frame Kit - Press Release

    Our official announcement of the Apex J-Frame Duty/Carry Kit.
  5. Operation Specific Training - Personal M&P Armorer's Course with Apex Tactical

    Apex Tactical's new M&P Forward Set Sear and Trigger will be released on May 16, 2011. Here's your chance to get one the weekend before they're released to the world.
  6. Taking my training to the next level

    Scott talks about seeking training for running his M&P faster, better and more accurately than ever before.
  7. Lets talk about keys

    Scott tells another thrilling tale of doors that won't open.....kinda like the bathroom post from last year.
  8. Apex's Visit to Achievement House

    The Apex crew visited Achievement House while they were packaging Apex products. Pics are included.
  9. The Ultimate in 1911/2011 Hammers

    I'm pleased to announce the pending availability of the Apex Hearthco Series 1911/2011 Hammers. I know you're probably thinking that this will be just another 1911 hammer, but this one is far from it. Dave Hearth, maker of the best Moonclips on the face of the planet has put his considerable EDM skills toward making the best, longest lasting and...
  10. The coolest shirts on the planet

    While at the awards for the 2010 Steel Challenge, Paul Erhardt came up to me and told me I was needed outside. I found this semi strange because Paul was wearing a Pink Tie-Dye shirt that had "Women of USPSA" on the front. Knowing not to argue with Paul, I went out side, where he promptly handed me the same...